Personal Motivator & Life Enhancer

As an experienced and highly accomplished professional, I am helping people identify their real potential and direction in life. We all go through different periods, some more difficult than others. Everyone is different. Life can be complex and sometimes challenging. However, life is also very beautiful, promising, full of opportunities and great fortunes.

If you choose to Live Life The Wise Way, in as little as 5 sessions, I could help you see clearer, be more focused, recognize your strengths and find courage to face your shortcomings. You don’t need me, but you might want me to give you a fresh look that will help you get back on track and regain that confidence you have been missing. My goal is not to have you dependent on me, nor on anyone else for that matter. My goal is to introduce you to simple tools that will have you “flying on your own” in no time while being proud of who you are and of what you have accomplished.

Don’t try so hard to FIT IN when you were BORN to stand out !

Don’t hesitate to contact me. Sessions are held in a relaxed and soothing atmosphere in the heart of the Plateau right next to Mont-Royal metro station at the ECTO space. They can also be held at the comfort of your own home via Skype.

Tel: 438-396-4045