Sally is a GREAT listener and has been a great help to me. She has a way to make you see things and situations from another perspective and bring light to difficult situations in a helpful way. She made me ask myself questions that never crossed my mind. She has a different approach and a very helpful method.

Jef L. Registered Dietitian, RD

“Sally is a GREAT listener”

I first came across Sally’s abilities over 10 years ago. Even then, despite her chronological age, she was already what one would call “an old wise woman”.

Her ability to verbalize what goes on inside my mind and her sharp, out-of-the-box advising capabilities have inspired some of the major changes I have made in my life. 

The level of trust she managed to generate by proving she is on my side no matter what is priceless and rare and is another key factor to her success.

I still seek her advice when confronting significant challenges, and some of her wise words have become my life mottoes.

Tilly E. Division Manager

“sharp, out-of-the-box advising capabilities”

Dear Deep Divers,

You know who you are. You are the friend, the relative, the worker, the partner, the lover, the curious, resilient and strong person everyone can count on. You are also the sensitive, perhaps not yet healed individual who is working daily on his confidence.

My testimony has one message for you: you are not alone! There are many like you out there and if you should know one of them, Sally is that person!

I’ve known Sally for the past 12 years. I have no doubt I would not be the man I am today without her. She has been a friend, a confidant, a constant support and a mentor throughout my journey. She has always been there for me with the right words and a calming presence. Dialogue and empathy are skills, even arts, she has explored. You will find in her a complicit ally to share that knowledge. You will learn to say “no” more often and say “hell yeah” to yourself more. To lower your expectations, to take care of you!

If you are passionate about self-knowledge and self-improvement, you will find a rare talent in Sally. She will be a metronome for you. She will be the master diver by your side, going with you in the deep dive in search of treasures. She will help you identify the right currents and help you analyse the waters. I wish you all the best, as you have one of the best with you.

Jean-Philippe G. Innovation Consultant

“She will be a metronome for you”